Love Forever Bestseller 2015

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No misunderstanding possible, this is the bouquet of mad love ! Red roses are unequivocal, the deep carmine pink of the "Piano" roses carries far beyond the caprice and if the ivy winds, it's not that it persists, it's that it was lent true qualities: you offer an ardent heart bouquet ... irremediably !
In order to respect the composition of the bouquet and subject to availabilities, one variety may be replaced, in order to keep optimal freshness and quality.

Bouquet of very large size.

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200x225_1334169209Moet Chandon
95,00 €
clicot Veuve Clicquot 75cl
95,00 €
moet-roseMoet & Chandon Rose
108,00 €
2ballonsI love You!
36,00 €
baloonSingle I love You balloon
18,00 €
6latex6 latex balloons And Teddy
79,00 €
mum-roseMumm Brut Rosé
99,00 €
6280_s3 Helium Balloons
47,00 €
921-500Heart Shape Box With Macarones
49,00 €
DSC_4320Happy Birthday
22,00 €
gelievyiy_sharik_serdtse-2659_sI Love You
22,00 €
6050_s2 Heart Shape Balloons
36,00 €
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